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Windows 8 High Memory Usage Issue, Please Help

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I am running Windows 8 RTM 64-bit. Last night, I notice that the system memory usage is extremely high. After I was playing a game for 20 minutes, the game got to be unresponsive and even freezes. Why? I even played that game over night in the past and it worked right. But this time, memory usage becomes strange. I have closed game after seeing this issue, but didn’t help. Is that a b bug causing this?

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This is crazy. I am getting the same problem too. I go to task manager and it says that I am using 97% of my memory. Sucks!

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Hello, I got an idea, try this way: Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced Tab (for me it defaults on this tab) -> Settings... (under the "Performance" section) -> Advanced Tab -> under "Virtual Memory" click Change... -> Make sure "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" is checked. This works well! Try and fix your issue.

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Hello, guys try to end a process - ' intellimem.exe ' and put your computer to sleep mode and then open it again and all the excess ram usage will be gone.

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