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Please Help!!! Cannot remove!!

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All of a sudden Binkiland appeared and started as the start page on my browser after I download a program from the Internet. I tried to uninstall it, but there was always a pop up that says, close all windows and try again. What to do???? Any ideas will be appreciated.

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Binkiland Search homepage got on your computer with the software you have installed yourself and that had bundled into their installation this Binkiland Search browser hijacker.

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To permanently remove the program files on PCs: Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program > select Binkiland Search and click delete. You will need to restart your computer.

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Hi, you can check your browser extensions and removel all suspicious icons including Binkiland Search from there. Then, reboot the browser and it should disappear! See, how others remove it successfully here: ... epage.html This may do some help! Good luck!

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