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0x0000142 error

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I've been trying to fix this for an hour with no luck. So far it only appears when shutting down my PC, but it's affecting my tablet and how the stylus works otherwise. I've tried safe mode with command prompt, typed in c:\sfc /scanfilre=c:\windows\system32\cmd . exe verbatim and it doesn't recognize it. Likewise sfc / scannow catches nothing. I really - REALLY do not want to have to download regcure to fix this... Can I please have some help? Or do I need to factory reset the whole thing?

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When do you get this error? When you start your computer or run some program? If you get this error message when you start your computer, then you can disable your startup items one by one. If you disable its startup item and then do not see this error again, that means it's that program that causes the error, then you just need to reinstall this program to fix this error. If you receive this error when you run this program, you can also reinstall this program to fix this problem.

To disable your startup items, you can

1. Hold Windows key +R to open Run command

2. Type in msconfig and click OK

3. Click Startup tab

4. Tick the item you want to disable and click Disable

Do update your topic if the problem is still not fixed.

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