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Is there any way to open a corrupted Word file?

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Word breaks down in the middle of my writing. Now the file is corrupted. I wonder it is possible to recover the file as it’s extremely important to me.

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Can you still open Word? Is the file the only one that you cannot open? It may be the compatibility issue that leads to this issue and in that case you need to obtain a newer version of Word. If not, then try clicking File -> Open and then select the corrupted Word file. Click the drop-down box next to the Open button and select Open and Repair option.

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Try these:
Click on File > Open.
Click on Files of type box
Click on Recover Text from Any File(*,*)
Select the corrupted Word file.
Click on "Open".
Only the text will be displayed (no formatting).
Please note that if you insert other types of content in that file, like images, those parts won’t be recovered.

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