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Icons on my PC are strange

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Some application icons are not displaying properly. And I can’t open some related files via these strange icons.
This is happening in the taskbar, desktop and the start menu on my computer.
I have looked for some solutions on google, some of which recommend to delete the file.
I’ve tried it but in valid. Any suggestions? I’ll be grateful.

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Did you make some changes to system settings before this happened?
Do the shortcuts work ok and just the icons are different?

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Try to solve this issue via following the tips:
1. Hit Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys together to open Task Manager.
2. In the processes tab, click on explorer.exe and click End Process. Then a confirmation dialog pops up. Click End Process to confirm.
3. Click File menu in the task manager and select New Task.
4. Paste the following command to the run box:
5. C m d /c del % userprofile % \AppData\Local\IconCache db /a
6. Open the Run box again with File > New Task. Then enter this command explorer.exe
Yous icons should be okay now.

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